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jenter3d - November 18 2014
Also I have begun teaching .... with "3D Game Art for Beginners" channel on You tube. If anyone is learning 3D feel free to check it out and leave any questions or suggestions on things you want me to cover :)

jenter3d - November 18 2014
Hi there solid_snake

sorry I am still learning Bulgarian so I will keep to English. My stiarway piece was made in 2007 while I was learning 3D. I saw the 2D concept of the image somewhere and I thought that is cool so I made it. I was not aware it was associate with anything. After I finished it and years after it comes up in different things, this which you pointed out but also a competition.
Again this was one of the first things I made in 3D. My professional career as a game artist since 2007 working for some of the largest companies in the games industry goes to show I can create 3d unaided.
There is always something to learn in our industry so I do and will look at tutorials. However in this case I can honestly say I did not. Absolutely nothing on my demo was made following a tutorial. I know what I say may not convince you, however the other 99% of the art work on there should.

solid_snake - October 01 2014
Добре изглежда, но като видях сайта, реших да видя какво друго правите. И какво видях!!!! в сайта ви в персоналната ви работа, видях нещо познато. Стълбище от един урок за мая. Понеже съм го гледал и веднага го намерих и правя сравнение. поне посочете че сте ползвали даденият урок като помощно средство.
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