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High Quality Rendered 3D Games

Posted on: 29.09.2010  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Вдъхновение  |  Source: graphicmania

30 High Quality Rendered 3D Games


Through the history of the 3D rendering technology, you will notice that the 3D render got more ability to create higher quality rendered models, shadows and light than the real time render used in 3D game industry. The main reason is that the real time render depends on the computer display card capabilities.

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Indigo Renderer 2.4 Released

Posted on: 24.09.2010  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Софтуерни новости  |  Source:



Glare Technologies has recently released the latest stable revision of Indigo Renderer, version 2.4. This update brings many usability refinements and improvements to the rendering engine, and to celebrate its release we're running a 15% off sale until 30 September.

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SB2 launches Render[in] for SketchUp

Posted on: 14.09.2010  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Новини  |  Source:



What is Render[in]?

Render[in] is a fully-integrated, real-time radiosity rendering engine developed for SketchUp Free and Pro.  Render[in] is fast, easy to use, and works with all the same SketchUp settings, like geometry, camera, sun, colors, textures, etc.  You don’t need to change a thing – just render your project!  You can also add your own specific settings like specular reflection, point lights, spotlights, and 3D sky and clouds.

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High-End Stock 3D Characters now feature facial animation

Posted on: 10.09.2010  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Новини  |  Source:



Rocketbox Libraries’ latest release now provides developers and studios with an easier implementation of AAA quality characters into their products.


Rocketbox Studios GmbH, specialized in 3D characters and animations, has just released Complete Characters HD - this 3D model library is a collection of highly realistic animated human characters. A key feature of these new generation character models is their facial bone rig, making them much more lifelike and believable than competing stock models on the market. A wide collection of facial expressions including emotions and phonemes for lip-synced speech are already included.

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V-Ray 2.0

Posted on: 09.09.2010  |  By: Konstantin Danev  |  Category: Съобщения  |  Source:

V-Ray 2.0

V-Ray 2.0 Upgrade and Pricing Policy


Chaos Group is privileged to announce the so expected news in the V-Ray community: we are ready to upgrade our first and major development V-Ray 1.5 for 3ds Max to V-Ray 2.0.
The upcoming upgrade is per V-Ray 1.5 for 3ds Max license and NOT V-Ray RT license.

What is different about V-Ray 2.0?

The next version of the V-Ray rendering engine will come not only with a number of great new and handy features but will also include V-Ray RT – the interactive rendering tool by Chaos Group and its GPU version. V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max will perfectly combine the V-Ray for 3ds Max production renderer, plus V-Ray RT on CPU and V-Ray RT on GPU and will become a complete rendering solution for the needs of every production pipeline.


For more info click here

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CopperCube 2 Released

Posted on: 08.09.2010  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Софтуерни новости  |  Source:



CopperCube, the editor for creating Flash 3D, WebGL and Windows/Mac OS X 3D applications has just been released in version 2. The new release includes Game AI behaviors, fullscreen mode for Flash, WebGL improvements, layers and folders, undo/redo functionality for the editor, new actions and a lot more.

CopperCube is ideal for creating 3D viewers, educational programs, architectural visualizations, military simulations, product configurators, games, e-learning applications and 3D prototypes.
Download here.

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Behind the Iron Curtain - Concept art workshop

Posted on: 07.09.2010  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Новини  |  Source:



The first Concept Art based workshop happening in Eastern Europe, will hit the streets of Bucharest Romania in 22 till the 25th October.


Come prepared, this will not be your usual fancy instructors opening up PSDs and improvising a presentation. These heavyweights of concept art and illustration will be on their toes, all willingly to provide the best educational, inspirational, motivational event possible to the participants! Students from around Europe and the globe now have the chance to surround themselves with the biggest learning force that has hit Europe yet, all eager to share their knowledge inside out abut Concept art for games and films for the next generations of artist. This is the opportunity for artists aspiring or working in the field to be exposed to dozens of years of experience both from this super lineup of instructor and from everyone attending.


Come prepared to think differently! Come Behind the Iron Curtain.

For more information click here.


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CINEMA 4D 12 released

Posted on: 05.09.2010  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Софтуерни новости  |  Source:


MAXON Announces Immediate Availability of Release 12 of Acclaimed 3D Package CINEMA 4D.

Read more about the Key Highlights of CINEMA 4D Release 12 here.

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Google SketchUp 8 released

Posted on: 02.09.2010  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Софтуерни новости  |  Source:

September 1, 2010 - Google SketchUp 8 released with easy access to Google’s huge collection of geographic resources.

What’s New in Google SketchUp 8

Model geo-location with Google Maps

We’ve built Maps right into SketchUp. Adding a geo-location to your model is now an elegant, one-app process.

Color imagery and more accurate terrain

The snapshot you get when you add a geo-location to your model now includes 3D terrain data that’s more accurate, and -- for the first time -- aerial imagery in color.

Match Photo improvements

Our Match Photo feature lets you trace one or more photographs to build a model; it’s an incredibly powerful tool. For SketchUp 8, we’ve tweaked some things to make using Match Photo easier than ever.

SketchUp, meet Building Maker

When it comes to modeling existing buildings, it’s hard to beat Google Building Maker for speed and efficiency. We’ve made it simpler to open and refine Building Maker models in SketchUp.

Read full release note from here:

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Autodesk launches AutoCAD for Mac, iOS

Posted on: 02.09.2010  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Софтуерни новости  |  Source:

Autodesk has announced AutoCAD 2011 for Mac. This new version of AutoCAD, software for professional design and engineering that previously ran only on the Windows platform, now runs natively on Mac OS X. Autodesk also announced that the new Mac version of AutoCAD would be accompanied by the AutoCAD WS mobile application, a new app for iPad, iPhone, and the iPod touch that will let users edit and share their AutoCAD designs remotely.


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