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3dbg LightUp for SketchUp


LightUp for SketchUp is a SketchUp plugin that adds realistic, realtime lighting to your sketchup models. Add lights, add windows, and watch your SketchUp scenes glow with gorgeous reflected light, soft shadows, subtle shading. Gone are the flat, boring surfaces of old.

The new release of LightUp (v1.10) is now available, in demo and retail form. See the download page for details.

LightUp v1.10 features include:

  • Create dropshadows on your skybox background
  • Fresnel color on materials
  • Ambient Occlusion shader supports color bleeding between surfaces
  • Realtime rotation of Skybox in Tourtool
  • Added ability change FOV inside Tourtool 
  • Cropping markers for standard ratios
  • Improved IBL

Click here for pricing for Students and Educators. 


Official website:

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