Futuristic Robots - Inspirational artworks

Posted on: 15.10.2010  |   By:: Stoyan Stoyanov  |   Category: Вдъхновение  |   Source: 3dtotal

Robots are electro-mechanical machines that are being created by people for decades. They are able to do complicated tasks on their own. There are many various types of robots like military robots, factory robots etc. This collection shows some great inspirational examples gathered from all around the web.










Angel Diaz


Yigit Koroglu


Adrien Lambert


Hossein Afzali


Fred Bastide




Daniel Arnold-Mist


Ricardo Meixueiro


Stéphan Brisson, Elise Frappier and Valerie Villeneuve


Sung-Hun (Ryan) Lim


Matt Olson


Benoit Godde


Daniel Arnold-Mist


Carsten Holtmann


Robert Czarny(TroC)


Chris Wilson



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