Indigo Renderer 2.4 Released

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Glare Technologies has recently released the latest stable revision of Indigo Renderer, version 2.4. This update brings many usability refinements and improvements to the rendering engine, and to celebrate its release we're running a 15% off sale until 30 September.

Indigo Renderer is developed by Glare Technologies Ltd., a Wellington-based company specialising in high-end 3D vistualisation software. Using unbiased, physically-based rendering techniques, Indigo Renderer generates images of unparalleled realism and accuracy. Well known-for being both user friendly and extremely powerful, Indigo Renderer has become the tool of choice for professionals demanding the highest quality visualisations possible, without having to deal with complicated renderer settings.

The 2.4 update features many dramatic performance increases: unbiased rendering using Metropolis Light Transport is vastly more efficient, object instancing and motion blur can be as much as 2X faster, colour noise has been completely eliminated, blackbody light sources are now 4X faster. Material shaders running in 64 bit versions of Indigo now run 10-20X faster.

One of the most important advances over Indigo 2.2 for large deployments is the inclusion of the Indigo Network Manager. This stand-alone program, included with Indigo 2.4, serves floating network licences and balances network slaves among network masters, greatly improving the scalability and ease of management on large networks.

Another prominent improvement 2.4 brings is a much more attractive and feature-packed user interface. CSS theming is now possible, with an example Dark theme provided to illustrate its use. OpenEXR support is greatly improved, with the ability to save high precision 32 bit per channel output, optionally without Indigo's tone mapping for increased post processing flexibility.

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