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Trailer за някой от уроците които правя за един портал (3d.dtuts.com) които ще гледате и тук ;) и които с малко повече време ще са и на бг за вбъдеще..
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When I work on a rendering I apply a personal workflow. It’s nothing secret or special, but it’s helpful to me and for every person who was in my trainings. I usually have 4 steps. They help me to keep track control the evolution of the work:
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One little training i did for 3dm3.com :)
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Greetings modonauts! My name is Adam Ohern, industrial design consultant and founder of cadjunkie.com. In this series we’ll be using modo’s ‘snaps and precision’ tools to build and render an interior scene. This was originally created as a ...
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In this tutorial, artist Hatice Bayramoglu will give us a overview of the process he used to create his Wooden Toy Car scene. Although the main focus of the tutorial is the modeling of the car. Hatice will also give us a brief look at the ...
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Perspective is very important to keep in mind whilst creating architectural models; by understanding simple dimensions like the height of a door, or the average human height, we can often pick out visual cues which can then be used to ...
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10-тия урок от предицата
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урок номер 9
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8-мия урок от сериите
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Great and well-written tutorials for Adobe Photoshop from around the web. You’ll find here lots of amazing techniques that will make your work easier and faster. Hopefully, they will also inspire you to create something new and outstanding!
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Often when rendering complex scenes with Max and mental ray, one’s computer may run out of memory. This is mainly due to the fact that Max cannot free up enough memory necessary to process the full render. There is a quick fix for this...
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Един стар персонаж който бях правил преди извесно време по филм-а Punisher Warzone на 90% в zbrush 3.5 R2
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