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Adobe CS5 Preordering Has Already Started!!!

Posted on: 29.04.2010  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Съобщения  |  Source:

Adobe CS5


Today Adobe has finally announced Creative Suite 5 and provided details about its new features. Along with upgraded versions of its leading arts, design, video and animation tools Adobe CS5 also includes two new web-design applications: Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder

It is expected to come into market by the end of May. But even now it is possible to place preorders on Adobe Store. Also there is a possibility to sign up for notification of available Download trials of your favorite Adobe products.

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Posted on: 20.04.2010  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Интервюта  |  Source: BBC

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Posted on: 21.03.2010  |  By: Miroslav Stoyanov  |  Category: Съобщения  |  Source: Lorem Ipsum

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