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CINEMA 4D Release 13 | 27 септември, София

Posted on: 09.09.2015  |  By: irm  |  Category: Съобщения  |  Source:

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Autodesk Team Live in Sofia

Posted on: 26.07.2015  |  By: Miroslav Stoyanov  |  Category: Съобщения  |  Source: Digital Media Technologies

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E-on Software Unveils Vue 9.5!

Posted on: 09.04.2015  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Съобщения  |  Source:

New features of Vue 9.5

Vue xStream and Vue Infinite are the company’s flagship solutions for the creation of natural 3D environments. Vue Infinite operates as a standalone application while Vue xStream works seamlessly inside 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, LightWave and Cinema4D. Specifically designed for graphics professionals, these products combine a multitude of cutting edge features that easily integrate into existing production pipelines.




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NewTek Ships LightWave™ 10

Posted on: 18.01.2011  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Съобщения  |  Source:

Lightwave 10


December 30, 2010 – NewTek, a worldwide leader of 3D animation and video products, releases NewTek LightWave™ 10-the latest version of its Emmy® Award-winning 3D software. LightWave 10 delivers a whole new set of capabilities for 3D producers and studio pipelines. Now, 3D artists have the ability to focus on the creative process with tools that provide immediate feedback, whether they work alone or in a multi-software studio.


LightWave 10 leverages new technologies developed in LightWave CORE and showcases NewTek's commitment to the creation of tools that support the artistic process. With LightWave 10, artists have the ability to interact directly in the viewport and see changes to lights, textures, volumetrics and more, to view updates to their stereoscopic work in real time, and to deliver realistic environment walkthroughs in ways never before possible. With data interchange tools that enhance pipeline integration and a fresh user interface, LightWave 10 is the most artist-friendly, production-ready version of LightWave ever. Developed through continued collaboration with 3D artist members of the LightWave HardCORE community and key Hollywood studios, LightWave 10 delivers the benefits artists count on.


"We upgraded to LightWave 10 with its linear color space workflow because it lets us achieve photorealism so much faster. It helps bring out all the qualities of the rock solid LightWave render engine," said Stefan Bredereck, supervising artist EdenFX. "With LightWave, we achieved the needed results super fast, and we accomplished even the most challenging tasks. LightWave 10 speeds things up even more. The new features make it a very valuable tool for our studio."


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V-Ray 2.0

Posted on: 09.09.2010  |  By: Konstantin Danev  |  Category: Съобщения  |  Source:

V-Ray 2.0

V-Ray 2.0 Upgrade and Pricing Policy


Chaos Group is privileged to announce the so expected news in the V-Ray community: we are ready to upgrade our first and major development V-Ray 1.5 for 3ds Max to V-Ray 2.0.
The upcoming upgrade is per V-Ray 1.5 for 3ds Max license and NOT V-Ray RT license.

What is different about V-Ray 2.0?

The next version of the V-Ray rendering engine will come not only with a number of great new and handy features but will also include V-Ray RT – the interactive rendering tool by Chaos Group and its GPU version. V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max will perfectly combine the V-Ray for 3ds Max production renderer, plus V-Ray RT on CPU and V-Ray RT on GPU and will become a complete rendering solution for the needs of every production pipeline.


For more info click here

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Registration 2011 Skyscraper Competition

Posted on: 04.08.2010  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Съобщения  |  Source:


eVolo Magazine is pleased to invite students, architects, engineers, and designers from around the globe to take part in the 2011 Skyscraper Competition.


The annual eVolo Skyscraper Competition is a forum for the discussion, development, and promotion of innovative concepts for vertical density. It examines the relationship between the skyscraper and the natural world, the skyscraper and the community, and the skyscraper and the city.

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3DBG Network - Бета версия

Posted on: 11.05.2010  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Съобщения  |  Source: 3DBG Network



Здравейте колеги и приятели,

След неколкократни отлагания, преди около година взехме решение да обновим вече остарeлия ни портал.
В процес на проучване, планиране и разработка, който започна в началото на месец октомври и след простото решение да направим малка интерактивна галерия и да я интегрираме с обновен форум се роди идеята да създадем цялостен портал - социална мрежа, който да обедини и затвори кръга на всички елементи, съпровождащи живота на креативни таланти и хора, които живеят в света на компютърната графика по организиран и най-съвременен начин.


Новият портал идва и с ново лого и име - 3DBG NETWORK, както и нов дизайн, изцяло преосмислен и лесен, с интуитивна навигация, фокусирана върху най-важната част от това да бъдеш креативен талант - вашите произведения и начинът по който се представят, споделят и коментират в публичното интернет пространство.


След няколкомесечно разработване най-накрая стигнахме до момента в който мога да обявя и ви представя бета версията на новия портал.


През този бета период ще ви помоля да тествате портала, както и да дадете мнения и препоръки около функционалността на сайта, дизайна, бъгове и други според които ще донастроим всички детайли, така че платформата да работи напълно изрядно. За тази цел ще има специално отворена глава във форума на новия портал: „3DBG Network - Bug reports, Notes, Suggestions and Comments", където ще може да обсъждаме всички въпроси, засягащи новия портал. Също така може да започнете да добавяте новини, изображения, уроци, работни оферти и т.н.


Препоръчваме порталът да бъде разглеждан с FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari или Opera браузъри през бета периода. Под Internet Explorer има малки проблеми, които скоро ще бъдат отстранени ...

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Autodesk Material Library — 3ds Max Design 2011 New Features

Posted on: 29.04.2010  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Съобщения

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Adobe CS5 Preordering Has Already Started!!!

Posted on: 29.04.2010  |  By: Stoyan Stoyanov  |  Category: Съобщения  |  Source:

Adobe CS5


Today Adobe has finally announced Creative Suite 5 and provided details about its new features. Along with upgraded versions of its leading arts, design, video and animation tools Adobe CS5 also includes two new web-design applications: Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder

It is expected to come into market by the end of May. But even now it is possible to place preorders on Adobe Store. Also there is a possibility to sign up for notification of available Download trials of your favorite Adobe products.

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Posted on: 21.03.2010  |  By: Miroslav Stoyanov  |  Category: Съобщения  |  Source: Lorem Ipsum

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