High-End Stock 3D Characters now feature facial animation

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Rocketbox Libraries’ latest release now provides developers and studios with an easier implementation of AAA quality characters into their products.

Rocketbox Studios GmbH, specialized in 3D characters and animations, has just released Complete Characters HD - this 3D model library is a collection of highly realistic animated human characters. A key feature of these new generation character models is their facial bone rig, making them much more lifelike and believable than competing stock models on the market. A wide collection of facial expressions including emotions and phonemes for lip-synced speech are already included.

Complete Characters HD is the latest release from the Rocketbox Libraries series, standing for premium 3D character models since 2005, all pre-rigged and ready to use. Markus Wojcik, CEO of Rocketbox Studios comments: “We are very proud to have the new library of characters out now, and we know that it will speed up product development for many of our existing and future customers. A lot of effort was put into creating an unprecedented quality level. Still we wanted to keep integration very easy, with the help of standardized bone systems and animations.”

The libraries are a big aid for a wide range of companies in software- and game development, the VR/simulation industry and visualization studios. Creating believable human characters with realistic animations is a supreme discipline in 3D graphics and requires highly trained and skilled specialists to acquire best results. Having such assets ready for use can save companies time, effort and money while boosting graphic quality of the resulting product.

Some hard facts in short form:
• 40 new and completely unique characters with 500 animations
• Available as individual characters or in various bundles
• Rigs include face bones for lip sync and expressions
• Less than 10,000 polys per character
• The assets are available in 3ds Max file format, Maya and FBX versions will be released on Sept 30th, 2010
• High res pictures of the new characters can be downloaded here.

Visit the new Rocketbox Libraries 3D model online shop at

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